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 four generations Morimoto family, April 2012

Shiraore Cold Brew (Mizudashi Shiraore)

by Haruyo Morimoto

2 tea spoons Bio Marimo Shiraore,
300ml cold water.

Put the Shiraore into a japanese teapot (Kyusu) and douse with cold water. Leave the tea to draw for about four minutes and pour it into one bigger, or several smaller cups. Because of the Shiraore's rich flavour, you can prepare a second and a third infusion.


Soja Matcha Shake

by Haruyo Morimoto

4g Bio Morimoto Matcha (approx. 2 Cha-Shaku),
300ml soy milk,
2 table spoons maple syrup.
Pour the cold soy milk into the blender and stir in the Morimoto Matcha with a spoon. Mix with the maple syrup. (additionally ice cubes or vanilla ice cream at will). Close the lid and blend the shake for one minute. Done!


Grüner Hugo

ice tea recipe by Renate Ott-Thiel

1,5 tea spoons Bio Morimoto Matcha,
1 liter cold water,
elderflower and lime syrup,
ice cubes,
fresh mint leaves,
lime slices.

Put the Matcha into a sieve, douse it with cold water, and blend both. Add some elderberry and some lime syrup for sweetness. Finish the grüner Hugo with ice cubes, mint leaves and lime slices. Relish it ice-cold!